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Three Areas of Support:

The responsibilities of a disability support worker vary depending on clients’ needs. There are three main areas of support: household, personal care and emotional support.

Household Support

A Disability Support worker provides support services for your client in their home regularly. Due to the nature of your client’s disability, support in the household includes assistance with domestic chores such as shopping for food, cooking, cleaning and transport. Additionally, you will be required to assess the safety of the area and assist with developing the client’s independence.

Personal Care Support

Another crucial role of a disability support worker is to provide daily personal care for people with disabilities. These tasks may include helping them to maintain general hygiene, dressing or supporting them through their disability programs. The level of support you would provide depends on the needs of your client. The skills in knowing how to help will benefit you. In some instances, the tasks required to carry out individual support may be challenging and demanding. With adequate training, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to navigate through these challenges and provide quality support to help those in need.

Emotional Support

Most times, as a disability support worker, it means to be a friend. People living with disabilities may feel isolated or withdrawn from society due to their inability to connect with others. The main qualities you will need is to be patient and understanding as well as compassionate and empathetic to your clients. Often, being able to communicate with someone who takes the time to understand their needs can lift a huge weight from their shoulders. By organising social outings and providing emotional support, you are building a social community to encourage and enable them to live their best lives.

What is NDIS and how we can work with you

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia's first national Scheme for people with a disability.

Reliance Care and Support provide Allied Health care services and support to participants, while working alongside participants in a holistic approach to assist in reaching their goals.

For any enquiries to avail psychology services please contact one of our friendly staff or send a referral form with all information.

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