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Psychologists generally start their approach by completing an assessment and understanding the needs of the client.

Assessment may be for a variety of purpose including:

  • Formal diagnosis (e.g. Autism, Intellectual disability)
  • Identifying Functional Capacity
  • Academic progress
  • Mental Health
  • Specialised assessment

The psychologist may assess clients with disabilities to progress in these areas:-

  • Learning, thinking and problem-solving
  • Play skills (for child clients)
  • Social skills and training
  • Emotional literacy and regulation skills
  • Behavioural challenges or behaviour modifications
  • Communication techniques
  • Skills for independences
  • General Wellbeings

The aim of our assessment process is to formulate an understanding of the presenting issues that will guide the best course of intervention.

Community Visits / School, kindergarten, childcare or home visits

Our Clinicians are able to observe your child in their environment and encourage them to focus on their goals:

  • Observe a child in the classroom or in the home environment with their:
    • Social skills and relationships
    • Play development skills
  • Attend a Student Support Group meeting to monitor and tailor the support provided to the student.

These requests can generally be accommodated by schools and complement holistic student planning and support processes.

What is NDIS and how we can work with you

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia's first national Scheme for people with a disability.

Reliance Care and Support provide Allied Health care services and support to participants, while working alongside participants in a holistic approach to assist in reaching their goals.

Is psychology also covered by Bulk Billing (Medicare)?

Yes, we do take care of Bulk Billing, Private Health Insurance, Workcover and DVA clients.

For Psychology $155 for 1 hour

Therapy/Session-only $61 Out of Pocket, Rest we will claim from medicare!

Price Guidelines for Psychology Assessment

ADOS -Autism Diagnosis Observational Schedule

ADIR -Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised.

General Psychologist Price Guideline

ADOS + ADIR+ Brief Speech Assessment - $2095

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WICV): $ 1400

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)- $1400

Cognitive Assessment - $ 1400

Provisional Pychologist Price Guidelines

Cognitive Assessment - $ 1100

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